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espace vide was originally started as a work-in process concert presentation project in 2012 by a group of composers. Its objective was to offer a place and a time to experience the performance of newly created sound-works that reflect upon sonic practices and creative processes inspired by a sense of openness to experimentation. Through a playful but resolute spirit of inquiry, espace vide promoted an attitude of attentive and unbiased listening, encouraging artists and audiences to take risks, think non-habitually, facilitate a healthy exchange of ideas and create a sense of community. espace vide prioritized the need to premiere and create new works that explored this in-depth attitude toward listening and reflecting, composing and performing. In this way it challenged, blurred and changed the traditional roles of composers, performers and audience.

In each of the three concerts that we were able to organize, different ideas started to emerge from the experience of working directly with musicians. The spirit of colleagueship that developed and the idea of community was extraordinary. So the idea developed to include not only new music professionals but also professionals and amateurs not from the new music realm. espace vide then, promoted a collaborative creative spirit through the use of open scores.

Perhaps we will be able to continue these concerts at some point in the future.

espace vide  presented three concerts:

September 26, 2013, espace vide 1: The inaugural performance with guest performers Geneviève Liboiron (violin) and Marc Olivier Lamontagne (guitar) premiering works by Mirko Sablich, Andrè Cormier and Jonathan Marmor at Le Milieu, Montreal. – Program Notes


August 29, 2014, espace vide 2: The second concert with guest performers Alfredo Mendoza (saxophone) and Felix de Tredici (trombone) premiering works by Andrea Young, Todd Harrop, Mirko Sablich and Andrè Cormier at Le Milieu, Montreal. –  Program Notes


June 12, 2015 espace vide 3: The third performance with guest performer Linda Brady (piano)premiering works by Mirko Sablich and Andrè Cormier at Espace Kendergi, Canadian Music Centre, Montreal. – Program Notes

Mirko Sablich-Linda Brady juin 2015 (1)




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